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artist bio

As a fabricator of detailed complex jewelry, Kim got her start years ago just out of high school, becoming adept at bead constructions. Soon this interest became more a life choice as Kim went to school to learn techniques to advance her chosen craft. Continued education led to art fairs where she became prolific at unusual asymmetrical creations. Along the way, she has won various awards and even served on several important positions including serving on the Board of Directors for the Minnesota Craft Council, a juror for many prestigious shows, as well as having pieces in the permanent collection of the Minnesota Historical Society. Through pursuing a long journey in the sculptural jewelry field, Kim has become one of the local leaders fabricating more whimsical and exciting seasonal collections. Following a lifelong interest in unique constructions, Kim continues to follow her dream every day. 


At many shows, Kim is accompanied by her talented graphic artist assistant, David, and her daughter Sidney.