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Mom, a remarkable woman and my biggest supporter

My mom and me at the Saint Anthony Park Arts Festival!

My mom is my biggest supporter. When I was a child and I said I wanted to be a veterinarian, my mom said, "You can do it!" When I started college and decided I didn't want to be a veterinarian and wanted to follow the Grateful Dead while I figured out my new path, my mom's encouragement never wavered as she still said, "You can do it!"  

My mom and me at Saint Anthony Park Arts Festival
kim crocker​​

After several months of selling beaded jewelry at Grateful Dead concerts, my mom said, "Why don't you take some classes in jewelry making?" This question started my wonderful, fulfilling career in the jewelry industry.

Here is a great photo of my mom taking care of my daughters, Sidney and Lilli, at the Edina Art Fair years later. 

My Mom and my daughters at the Edina Art Fair.
kim crocker​​

My mom loved art!

As a little girl, I remember my mom taking me to the Edina Art Fair.  She was a collector of many things, clothing, glass, pottery and jewelry. Every year she would buy a piece of jewelry from Marilyn Huer Zutz, and would often buy something special for me too. I cherished those treasures... I saw through my mom's eyes how happy the one of a kind, handmade and unique items made her.  

My mom with her beloved dog, Babe

Mom, your memory will never fade

This was my first Mother's Day without her. My mom never stopped pushing me to reach for my dreams, and I am so blessed for her encouragement. I will miss her at shows and telling her about my new projects, but her memory will always be there. 

This is just one of the reasons I love creating jewelry for you!